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Thread: still no replies?

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    Default still no replies?

    listen i bought this game for an alternative to wow. but alls i get after the login screen is a new window with all black screen. since i thought maybe it was just being slow i waited with it open for over 9 hrs and when i woke up the next day still nothing but a black screen this is a load of **** i sent you tech support ppl an email as well and yup you guessed it no answer
    i paid for the deluxe edition as well and noone at trion seems to think that i nor anyone else is good enough to get in contact with well guess what im gonna delete all of this crap and youll be hearing from my credit card company about a refund

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    You put nothing in your post that would help anyone trying to help you.

    No pc spec, no details about what you did to try and solve it yourself, nothing.
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