So I've been having this error since this morning

I looked it up and the solution posted was to update your clock time to the correct time but my clock isn't wrong, I even changed it using the command prompt. The only game I'm having this problem with is Rift, I can log into WoW, Heroes of Newerth, Bad Company 2, etc just fine.

Also when I'm experiencing this issue, I can't view the forums, it won't load up when I ping the website I get time out errors

I've tried every solution to the problem, disabling firewall, running as admin yet still cannot get a solution. It seems to sporadically fix itself after 10-15+ ( longest time I've experienced was about a two hours and 20 minutes. )

Also when I get booted, I can still create and view characters I have even if they aren't on the same server as the current one I'm playing on, if I attempt to log in the client loads up to 99% then gives me a "Cannot Connect to Game Server Error"

No clue what's going on, but it's immensely frustrating, I participated in Beta 7 and OB but didn't encounter this issue a single time, and it seemed to only start sometime after 10pm EST as that was the last time I was logged in.