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Thread: I am waiting and not happy

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    Default I am waiting and not happy

    Icewatch is full. position in queue 284 - estimated time: about 1 hours 17 minutes

    ... I bought the collectors edition, i paid a lot for the best possible package out there...I still have to wait 1 and a quater hours! are you joking?

    Again I am going to state i paid 40 for the collectors edition... not the standard one, but the full damn wam bang thank you mam version becasue i enjoyed the Beta. what do I get in return? A god damn hour waiting time!

    I want my money back thanks, not satified. hate waiting 1 hour!

    Thanks rift team for the great game but I am not going to wait ages to play it, even after I was one of your first customers I get no benifits, you have my email adress - email me back and refund me!

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    Create a new character on a different shard? No one is forcing you to play in Icewatch.

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