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Thread: Sounds from other players sound like they are going off right on top of me

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    Default Sounds from other players sound like they are going off right on top of me

    Many sounds originating from other players sound like they originate from me.

    For instance, when another player levels up, it sounds like I'm leveling up.

    It is agonizing playing in the lowbie zones where most of the population is still at because I'm constantly bombarded with sounds as if they all originate right on top of me. Yet, the people the sounds come from can be 100 yards away.

    It's like there's no distance modifier to sound in this game. If it's within a set amount of yards, I hear it as if it's right on top of me.

    Very, very, very annoying.

    It's not a soundcard issue as I get it regardless of whether I use my XiFi, or plug in my Logitech Headset via USB. It's not a surround sound/stereo issue, as I've tried both configurations. I don't even think the game has surround sound anyways.

    Hopefully many of these sounds will gain some distance modifiers to them.

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    I agree. I reported in beta many times.

    One sound that got added in live is the level up sound. I hear it miles away. Like anyone in the zone or party gets it, so do you.
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    Have the same issues and it is indeed very annoying.

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