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Thread: Protip: Keep Your PC Cool And You Won't Crash

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    Default Protip: Keep Your PC Cool And You Won't Crash

    It's not a hard concept for most. This game is not WoW or counterstrike or any other low priority game. This game uses high amounts of bloom and HDR and is very hard on videocards as a result. Any game that uses heavy visual effects has been prone to this, see: Fallen Earth, Aion, AOC, Terra etc.

    The majority of the crashes for these kinds of games are not related to the client but related to thermal fault of the video card. For example my roomate kept randomly crashing using an ATi HD4870 and I have yet to have a single crash. So I had him pull his game back up; checked the temps in CCC and it was 98C* (mine sit at 73c*).

    Most video cards error out around 80-90c* depending on what card you have. In addition there are certian series that are more prone to it than others. If you own any recent nVidia card you ought to do the following listed below and if you have a HD4xxx or HD3xxx series card from ATi you should as well:

    #1 Buy some canned air and clean out your nasty dusty *** PC
    #2 Use aggressive fan control via software on your video card so that your GPU's fan speed is set to 100% at around 70-75c* using a program like MSI Afterburner (see here: http://event.msi.com/vga/afterburner/download.htm) *note eVGA precision is inferior to this program, do NOT use evga precision.

    Between those 2 things 99.9% of the crashing out there is apt to stop
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