Can we start this conversation up again?

I thought the problem was fixed because I was able to sign on without problem all day yesterday. Today, I can't get in at all. Is having this error really necessary? I don't understand the point of it - is it to keep the plat sellers out? Is it to keep people from hacking the game? In any case, I'd really like to pay. I spent $60 and I don't want a refund. I want to be able to play.

I'm not running my internet through my phone; it's hooked up to my wall. I'm not behind a proxy as far as I'm aware, and resetting my password does not help. There's no way I can open ports or do anything with my modem - I live on a college campus. It's not a dorm, it's an apartment, but the office feels the need to control our internet anyway.

Please, Trion. Can you fix this? No other games have it, why must you? =[