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Thread: [Bug] Soul Debuff Slots

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    Default [Bug] Soul Debuff Slots

    Couldn't find anywhere else for bugs, so I figured here would be the best place.

    I've just recently had time to sit down and start playing the Headstart, and I noticed the new "Class" Debuff slots on enemies (the hexagon for your abilities). I decided to start leveling as Sabby (Rogue) instead of Marks like I did on the Beta since it was pretty OP at ~20, and have been observing that Blast Charge counts don't reset from mob to mob. Explanation:

    Xelkyr puts n charges on <enemy>.
    Xelkyr uses Detonation.
    <enemy> dies.
    Xelkyr targets <enemy2>/<player>/<npc>.
    Xelkyr's target has n charges.

    This happens any time an enemy dies with any amount of charges on them.
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