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Thread: Steam community in-game lowering FPS

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    Default Steam community in-game lowering FPS


    Just wanted to share my findings.

    After disabling steam's shift-tab community overlay, my average fps increased to 35, from 25. Tested in various zones over the last 12 hours, checking fps frequently. I play with ultra settings at 1920x1080, non-windowed full screen with vsync on. Using GTX 275 driver 197.45.

    If you want disable it to see if it makes a difference follow these instructions:

    Open your steam games library
    Right-click Right
    Select properties
    On the general tab uncheck "Enable Steam Community In-Game.

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    Or you can run RIFT directly from the steamapps folder by creating a shortcut directly to the patcher.

    Edit: Also, I hope you know your drivers are almost a year old, you might get a little extra performance from updating them.
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