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Thread: Bug in the Auction House

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    Smile Bug in the Auction House

    Hello everyone,
    Not really sure, if it's the proper forum for bug report, so please forgive me if it's not the case.

    I have a little problem with the auction house and the localization...

    Living in France, I decided to play on Rubicon Eu, a french server. However, I prefered to play in english, which thanks to the current is easily doable.
    However this is causing a lot of strange bugs.

    The main one, when I browse the auction house.
    I see items names in english, however I have to search them in french. For example to find "medium leather", I have to type "cuir moyen".
    Most of the name are easily guessable, however it's quite hard sometimes, and really weird to see 0 results for "tin bar" when a full list gives a lot of them.

    Then, the localization filter is not related to the shard on which you play but to your game language, so all of the mature talks in french is unfiltered... (And some french standard words in chat are blipped out, but that's funny )

    A last one, Area channels name is in french, which is really weird. Is it possible to "see" english names even if we are and the same chans as other players ?

    Thanks for the great game so far. (If the queue can get shorter it would be nice, butI'm just dreaming I guess ^^)

    (Not a subliminal message : Can I get a whitecard to skip them )

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    i am in pretty much the same situation, being effectively forced to switch client languages when i want to search the auction house and it is extremely frustrating.

    also, switching client languages breaks all macros due to different skill names, and some commands do not work at all under other languages than english.

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