Where do we file bug-reports ? This is the technical forum. And strictly speaking, that is something different than reporting in-game bugs. Technical issue are things like your client crashing, your client having performance problems, connectivity issues, etc. Bugs are different, and cover a much wider area.

I have noticed that developers of MMOs tend to keep their clients shielded from bug-reports ? Why ? I guess there is some higher-up management that is afraid that a (huge) public list of bugs is bad for the image of the company ? In the nineties I worked for the most successful company of that decade. We had a public database of known bugs. Bugs in both fixed and open status. It had hunders of thousands of bugs in it. Customers loved it. Because they could actually see if their own problem had been reported yet, if had been fixed yet, and in what software the fix was. This is much more important that trying to make your software better than it is.

So can we have a forum to report bugs, please ?
Thanks in advance.