Now this is becomming annoying as hell and I am worried it will still be happening when raiding. I am getting disconnected. It can be an hour or even up to 2 or 3 between instances. On average I would estimate its about 90 minutes or so. The wierd thing is its saying my IP addressa has changed and I need to log in. Thats just bs. My IP address has not changed. Does not changed and probably cannot unless I restart everything. My network is monitored as it also runs my business and the connections have been up the whole time.

I am guessing maybe the ISP is doing something by stealth but if they are we cant see what it is. Every time I have looked at it after getting one of these messages my IP address has been the same as usual.

This looks like a rift bug to me. Its an extremely annoying one so I would be greatful if it can be addressed or someone can advice what can be done to mitigate it from our end. If its a matter of a workaround I can get one of my IT guys to reconfigure something on the routers etc to deal with it.

Incidentally, they are pretty adamant its a Rift issue after I discussed it with them. They are quite convinced my IP address has changed for at least the last 4 days.