My wife's copy of Rift worked great on release day. By the following night a problem emerged where her character would freeze/lock the game. Her whole PC would sometimes lock up and need a restart. We tried many ways to fix it: graphics drivers, tweaking Nvidia, checking directX but nothing seemed to help.

On Saturday we renamed her Rift Game folder (Computer>>Boot C:\>>Program Files(x86)>>Rift Game) to Rift Game Bak. Then I copied my folder and sent it to the same location over the network. This fixed her problem and we were able to play as normal after that. There must have been a file on her computer that had become corrupted and was causing her caracter to freeze.

On Saturday night the servers were taken down for a short while. Following the restart the game continued to work for us both and with increased framerate.

Hope this helps other people who may be having a similar problem.