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Thread: FrameRate Drops For Xfire/SLI only? Or is it everyone?

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    Default FrameRate Drops For Xfire/SLI only? Or is it everyone?


    I'm running two XFX Radeon HD 6970s crossfired. I downloaded the most recent profiles released on Feb 16th to help support this. My FPS is around 75-90 questing / 35 @ rifts and BGs - for about 5 minutes. Then my FPS drops to 45 while questing and 25ish at rifts and bgs.

    I thought maybe it was just me, or just crossfire but the more I read the forums the more I see the exact same complaint - so it a problem with the game engine?

    I've never experienced something like this before with a game, and alt tabbing fixes it for about 4-5 minutes then it dips again. So strange.

    Has anyone heard any news about what might be causing this ? Or how we can fix it on our end maybe?

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    Default =D

    Well, some people say that its pretty broken with ATI cards atm.

    I have a 5770 and got 20 more fps by using this DLL file from:


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