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Thread: Bags moves every time I open them

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    Default Bags moves every time I open them

    My secondary 4-slot bags move up about a pixel every time I open my inventory. I can replicate this by opening and closing the inventory repeatedly and watching the bags crawl up my screen.

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    Yup, its even more fun when you have 5 12+ slot bags and they randomly creep their way to the middle of the screen
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    I can very much agree. This does indeed happen. I first noticed it during B6 and reported it then, and reported it again yesterday.

    What I've had to do instead, is move the bags to the top of the screen. It'd be nice if we could dock/link/resize the bag displays like the rest of the interface. Or combine bags into a single one... or both, because once you link your CE bag with 4 20-slot bags, or even the 24-slot bags much later on, it'll be crazy for how much screen space they use up.

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