I didn't see a proper Suggestions forum, so figured here was as good a place as any to post this.

I'd like to suggest the addition of a couple of extra mappable functions to the UI. The first would be a "Select Closest/Next Object" -- this would target the closest/next selectable object (be it an item to be interacted with such as a mailbox, or a quest item/object that needs to be selected.) The second is a "Use/Activate Selected Target", which would essentially replicate the Right Mouse Click in the default setup.

Too often I've approached an NPC and someone on their turtle is parked right over them. Sure, I can "Select Next NPC" but don't really have a way to activate him once selected (unless I'm missing something dreadfully obvious.) In other scenarios, I have to target a rather smallish object and click it to select/activate it. As an older player with arthritic hands, it's not always easy to target miniscule onscreen objects and right click on them, especially at higher resolutions these days.

I'm thinking in particular of the "race" in Freemarch where you have to "touch" the banner poles by selecting and right clicking them. They're narrow, you have to be right next to them to be in range, and the event is timed. It would be much easier if I could map a couple of keys to first select the pole and then use/activate it with the second keystroke.

Please consider this as a future update. Thanks!