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Thread: Performance drop in headstart.

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    Default Performance drop in headstart.

    in previous betas i was able to run this game without any major performance drop in high populated areas like zone events in both my desktop and my laptop and managed to keep it above 20 fps, however since the headstart this is no longer the case.

    My desktop which usually runs the game in ultra with 40 fps drops to 15 in a zone event with 20 players.
    My laptop which played the game in medium with 30 fps now drop to 9 fps in the worst possible video settings.

    I heard in a podcast that adding more options in the character creation screen would affect performance and we know that there were changes from beta to headstart... so could the added presents and new hair styles have such an effect?

    Idea to enhance performance:
    Make a default static head/face for all/each race and give the players a client side option("use minimum models") to draw that head for all players instead of having to draw different ones for each.
    Drawing a static head/face like the one NPCs have on each player should dramatically reduce the calculations needed draw unique faces for each individual player.
    Besides a lot of players use masks or face covering helmets, so there is no point in drawing their face to begin with.
    * LAG is when you get latency related problems. (such as teleporting)
    * Low FPS(Frames Per Second) is when the game starts to stutter and it looks like pictures instead of fluid movement.

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    I'm having the same exact problem

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