Hello folks,

Other then when choosing a server off the server list I didnt see any server names, only 4 digit codes. I was playing on faeblight which is server 1503.

Well like i said Ive been playing without issue since thursday. This morning I played till the server went down for the half hour... ran some errands hung out... get home 9 hours later eager to play... log in download the patch and it keeps crashing to the desktop after I click play. Gives me the message
"Rift has encountered an error .... Please send error report and restart the game or send report and close. So I choose restart and the same window keeps coming up its not restarting. So I hit close and relogged back in and same thing happens. Shut computer off waited 2 minutes and restrted it logged back in same issue.

I went into the game file and saw in manifest since it had the time and date I just tried logging in and the last line I saw this:
rifterrorhandler.exe:f725843aae4885452e401f103fa15 475ceafdd8a:1683968
umbra.dll:b1e16ca99c38f623baa18177b35cada565e5ab08 :771072

Whats goin on?