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Thread: My SLI Fix: Maybe this will help you!

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    Default My SLI Fix: Maybe this will help you!


    Before my attempt at fixing the low FPS problem, my game ran really poorly on maxed out settings. I had a range of 15 FPS to 32 FPS. I had to turn a lot of settings down to run the game at a high FPS.

    My system specs:
    Win7 x64
    i7 970 EE @ 4.26ghz
    12gb of ram
    10k RPM HD
    GTX 295 Single PBC Quad SLI
    OC settings for video card: Core Clock 712 Shader Clock 1535 Memory Clock 1215

    I figure with a system like this, I would be able to crank all the settings up as high as they can go. After browsing through the forums, I see that a lot of other SLI users have the same problem.

    I have the program EVGA Precision to monitor my GPU usage. They were abysmal. They sat around 35%-60% only... even during the super intense mega rifts!

    I even tried downloading the d3d9.dll that a thread in this forum suggested. That showed no changes for me at all. I tried reinstalling my video drivers and that didn't help. What did help slightly was suggested by another person on this forum to update to 266.77 nVidia drivers.


    The first install showed no changes. So I did a complete clean install.

    Clean install instructions:
    A.Download and install Driver Sweeper first - http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=745 )
    B. Download 266.77 drivers

    1. Uninstall all nVidia drivers via control panel
    2. Restart.
    3. Open Driver Sweeper and select all three nVidia options. Hit the clean button.
    4. Restart.
    5. Open Driver Sweeper again. Select all three options and make sure that no files remain. If there are still files remaining, clean it and restart. Keep doing so until there are no files remaining. I had to restart my computer 3 times to get rid of all the files.
    6. Install nVidia drivers.
    7. Re-enable SLI and create a profile for Rift.

    After a clean install, I saw an increase of 10 FPS with maxed out settings.

    I took it further from here. I changed each option individually within the nVidia control panel to see if it made a difference.

    In the profile for Rift these are the settings I currently have set.

    Anisotropic filtering - Application-controlled
    Antialiasing - Gamma Correction OFF
    Antialiasing - Mode - Application-controlled
    Antialiasing - Transparency - OFF
    CUDA - GPUs - ALL
    Maximum pre-rendered frames - 8 (THIS REALLY HELPED SMOOTH OUT MY FRAME RATES)
    Multi-GPU rendering mode - 4-GPU Alternate frame rendering 2 (SETTING THIS TO AFR2 MADE A BIGGER DIFFERENCE THAN AFR1 - try to mess around with this)
    Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration - Single display performance
    Power Management mode - Prefer maximum performance
    Texture filtering - Anisoptropic sample - On
    Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias - Allow
    Texture filtering - Quality - Quality
    Texture filtering - Trilinear optimization - On
    Threaded optimization - On
    Triple buffering - Off
    Vertical sync - Force off

    After going through these changes one by one, I was able to sit at 45 FPS in a heavy rift event.

    Then I went one step further. I wanted to keep super sampling because I HATEHATEHATEHATE blurry text anywhere, so I turned AA down. Going from 16x to 4x showed VERY minimal changes. Now, I sit around 55 FPS in a heavy rift event.

    I'm not sure if this will work for you, but I just wanted to present my findings on making your Rift experience a little better!

    EDIT: Forgot to mention that my GPU usage is now in the range of 50%-80% =D
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    I would be very interested in seeing how your rig performs with 4 good GPUs.

    It is comforting to know that my single GPU gets higher frames than that though, thanks for that!

    Not trolling, sorry if it sounds that way.
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    In fact, you should run quad GTX590s when they come out later this year.

    Equivalent to running 8 GTX580s in SLI.

    Wow just got an erection.
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