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Thread: Hard Reboot on Macbook Prob Windows XP Partition (Latest Patch)

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    Default Hard Reboot on Macbook Pro Windows XP Partition (Latest Patch)


    I created a Windows XP partition for Beta7 and headstart. Before the recent patch, everything was working fine - good framerate, no latency issues.

    Regardless, the latest patch forces my computer to hard-reboot after applying the patch and pressing play (I've now done this 4 times, to no avail).

    I've left a ticket with Technical Support (c. 1 hour ago), so I'm now playing the waiting game.

    Are any other MBP users having this problems? My MBP edition is 5,4 (~July 2009).
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    Default It's not just you...

    I'm also running into the issue but not on a MBP.

    I have submitted a ticket too. I think others are having issues as well based on some of the threads I've read.

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