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Thread: Low FPS even on lowest settings

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    Default Low FPS even on lowest settings

    So I run with low FPS even on the lowest settings, here are my specs:

    intel pentium dual cpu 2.4ghz processor
    graphics card is nvidia gforce g100 512mb (came with the computer)
    4gb of ram

    Anyone know what I can tweak in the nvidia control panel to increase FPS?

    also noticed if i try to run on 1600x900 my fps is really bad, 1024x768 makes it good..(lol) but currently im running on 1280x800


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    Your CPU seems a bit limit.

    Try setting your Resolution to 800X600 and all setting to the lowest possible....
    if you are still experiencing low FPS, your CPU might have problem handling all the data.

    I'm currently running on a Dual core as well, (2,8 GHZ) and a great video card, GTx 470 1280 Mb Ram.
    And I was getting about 15 FPS.
    I overclock my CPU to 3,3 GHZ, and I now get about 34 FPS in city and about 50 FPS in open world.

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    The OP has onboard video as opposed to a gfx card. That's their issue.

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