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Thread: Server: Seastone, bugged invasion boss.. again

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    Default Server: Seastone, bugged invasion boss.. again

    Just like the title says. I sent a ticket in to a GM, but this is what he/she said:

    Response Via Email (GM MugPlus) 02/26/2011 12:21 PM
    Hello Snapzilla!

    Thank you for contacting us regarding Rift. I do apologize for the difficulties that you’ve encountered. I do understand how frustrating this can be and will take the steps needed to assist you with this issue.

    When an area's population reaches a certain point zone events begin running. Because these zone events are running it can cause high level Rifts to spawn in otherwise low level areas. The best thing to do is get a group of friends together and attempt to defeat these rifts!

    If you have any additional questions or concerns then please don't hesitate to let us know. Thank you for your continued support of Trion Worlds and for playing Rift. Your reference number for this question is 110225-005874


    GM MugPlus
    Game Master
    Trion Worlds Inc.
    Customer (Snapzilla) 02/25/2011 08:58 PM
    Remalkus in Stonefield is bugged out and invasions wont stop making EXTREMELY hard to turn quest in.

    Generally I wouldn't post something like this, but when a GM doesn't take the time to read what the problem is it really gets me fired up. Obviously this GM is not very smart and needs to go back to elementary school and learn to read.
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    WF..... sigh

    Reasons why most AFK or don't try in WF's (including myself):

    1: Lose all the time to prestige 6 players
    2: Unfair advantage due to faction favored map
    3: Lack of healing
    4: Tired of raging from not being able to kill a pyro mage as an assassin rogue, 1v1
    5: No team play
    6: Not able to queue up as a guild/raid to actually win
    7: Losing 90% of the time has killed moral to the point of not caring and just waiting for the WF to end

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    Both Snapzilla and myself play on the same realm, and many of our guild mates that we play with have experienced the same problem. I understand the game is not fully released and is being monitors, but when this starts affecting your quests and you can't get anything done it is just a bit aggravating when you wait in a long que to not be able to do anything ;).

    Now oddly enough when they have reset the servers it seemed to fix the issue, but then it came right back, go figure. Hopefully the dev or whoever check in on this might be able to fix it ;).

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