I meant to post these prior to Head Start but completely forgot and now that I'm playing I could see these being useful so here goes;

1. It would be nice if you're riding a mount and encounter a mob to have the mount auto respawn after the fight is over instead of having to hit the spawn button again. Not a huge deal, but would be nice.

2. Bags! I'm not sure what it's like with the other crafts, but my goodness it would be nice to be able to purchase or make a bag that's large enough to accomodate the dusts and sparks from runecrafting. These materials take up half my bag space and I believe a bag that only can carry runecraft items would be an asset. 40 slots would probably do it. And yes, only stuff from Runecrafting could go in it.

3. Speaking of bag space .. any chance to make quest items go into an "invisible" inventory? So it doesn't take up valuable room? Pretty please? You already were smart enough to put actionable icons next to the quests themselves, this would just be one more step I guess.

4. I'm probably the only person in the world who does this, but is there any way that using the page up/page down buttons (if you don't have an existing use for them) could move the camera up and down? I tend to rely on using the arrow keys to move around and have gotten used to using page up/page down to adjust camera view.

Thanks for your consideration!