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Thread: Its painstaking...

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    Exclamation Its painstaking...

    To start off, I'll say this.
    Everyone who is complaining about having only 20-30 fps should stop because at least you can move around the world without randomly freezing.
    Now this while joggle people mind. I just got RIFT yesterday.
    Yay me . But the problem is, I put my settings on low, with the rendering, and only pulling of 8-0 fps. YEAH 8-0!
    I know my computer isn't great, thats why i put it on low settings.
    No matter what I do, it doesn't change at all. I change my NVIDIA settings, change the resolution, I even completely turned off all the sounds in-game. Nothing happing.
    I'm using an old eMachines w3644. I played WoW before I wanted to play RIFT and on there i had between 35-20 on low settings. I believe there is a problem in the game. Only because people with WAAAYY better computers/gaming computers are having low fps issues like they're playing on my system.
    I know my computer is some A** but there nothing I can do about it. Reason is that i don't have $50000 like lucky humans to buy those high performance stuff.
    I know that Trion staff aren't going to read this but i need to let it out cause its the truth.
    Funny thing is that I can't even get pass level 4 cause it freezes all the time.
    So now all I do is /faceplam /sigh /rollover /kneeslap /logoff /shutdown and /wait for a reply or an update for all players to play smoothly without spending more money then what we get payed.

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    Boss, I just checked out the eMachine model you listed. It's got a gig of ram and integrated graphics (no dedicated graphics card). That machine is far below the minimum spec for this game. You can play WoW because WoW needs very little in the way of graphics processing.

    You have 2 options if you want to play. You can buy another computer; ~$500 machine should get you going and upgrade you to the modern age of computing. Heck, even a laptop for under a grand should manage Rift reasonably well.

    The other option is to install a video card. First, you'll need to check if that machine can be upgraded, but if can an AGP card can be had for ~$100 that will at a minimum get you playing. Oh, and you'll want to upgrade your RAM as well. 1GB will not be enough for anything as CPU intensive as a modern game.

    Hope this helps.

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