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Thread: Random Disconnects - Look HERE for my Troubleshooting!

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    Default Random Disconnects - Look HERE for my Troubleshooting!

    I have been experiencing random disconnects since BETA and my attempt to play this game has been an ongoing battle. I have virtually eliminated any and all possibility of this being an issue on my end. Besides the corrupt file downloads 2007 (which is an entirely different thread subject), trying to play this game has been an exercise in futility.

    The following are my attempts to get this game to RUN (in no order):

    1. System requirements: check
    2. Latest Drivers: check
    3. Memory Diagnostics: check
    4. Upgraded Video Card: check
    5. Added Morel Ram: check
    6. Disabled Virus Scanning: check
    7. Disabled Fire Wall: check
    8. Disable Malware Detection: check
    9. ISP speeds: check
    10: New Cable Modem: check
    11: Disable Router: check
    12. Turn Off Rift Error Handler: check
    13. Hard Drives Defragged: check
    14. Turn Video Setting to Min: check
    15. Followed suggestions by Rift Support: check

    The game DISCONNECTS randomly, but more frequently under these conditions:

    1. In the game world area of Freemarch
    2. In the game world area of Meridan
    3. Rift events
    4. Inside instances (though less frequent)

    The game is UNPLAYABLE for me in its current state.

    I have yet to see a response from Trion concerning this issue, yet during beta, my post concerning this issue received thousands of views and hundreds of players revealed they had the same disconnect issues.

    I'm at a loss. Sadly, I'm about ready to cancel my subscription.

    Anyone else getting random disconnects?

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    yea i have the same problem but it say error handler and then resume game

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    same **** dude i have looked at everything, Norton is even getting pissesd at the game saying that its not acting right. Had to tell Norton to leave the files alone but still does not help. Its reall pissing me off.

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    Same here every 2mins roughly i get dc'd only started once live hit all headstart it was smooth didnt get dc'd once.

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