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Thread: downloading yet again

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    Default downloading yet again

    I spent all night and day downloading the 8.32 gb and at the end of the download it told me the launcher needed updating. I update it and it restarted the whole download again. I checked the Rift directory file size and it's 7.59 gb but it's still making me re download the whole thing. I tried to recover and it didn't help. What is going on?

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    Hey I had this same problem not quite as bad but close.

    Go to your Rift Install directory and find the Download folder default will be C:\Program Files\Rift Game\Download if you are running a 64 bit OS it will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Rift Game\Download

    In here you will have multiple folders. Example in my case STABLE-27-11-C-377585 and Stable-27-13-B-378160

    What you will need to do is find the larger one of these folders (should be the 8.32 gb or so you downloaded) copy all the files inside there. Move those files into the other directory (should be smaller approximate size of your current downloaded content).

    Go ahead and replace all the files in there, make sure your Rift client is closed. Start your Rift client again it should scan for a bit then resume from the old downloaded content. There might be some overlap due to updated files, however should save you a lot of the redownloading.

    Hope this helps you or anyone else having problems!

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