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Thread: Rift patcher trying to star from beginning

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    Default Rift patcher trying to star from beginning

    I am looking at 5.16 GB of stable Rift in the downloads folder for the patcher client. However, when I run the client to continue the download, it tries to start a brand new folder from scratch. This is annoying due to the enormous size of the software and my medium internet speed. Can anyone help?

    Please, no derp comments like uninstall beta, reload patcher, run recoery and stuff like that, cuz I have done all of that .

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    Default Agreed

    I am currently dealing with this problem as well. I was able to trick the beta patchers into re-checking the downloaded data and moving files into the newest download directory, but the live patcher doesn't seem to care at all and completely erases everything I copy into the download assets.

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    a few people are having this problem i reckon including myself. Look for my post http://forums.riftgame.com/showthrea...8Error-1034%29

    might help you
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