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Thread: PC maintenance

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    Default PC maintenance

    Well head-start is tomorrow and I wanted to remind people to make sure their rigs are shipshape for the event.
    I do realize that some of you are going to be on laptops, so use discretion. While you can Google a checklist here are a few tips:

    1. Clean the dust out of the machine. No that does not mean opening the case and calling it a day. I mean remove the fans and fan shrouds from the heatsinks and cleaning the filters.

    2. Update all of your drivers. This does not mean just your graphics driver. This means ALL. Do not assume Windows did it for you go to the manufacturer's website and get the latest drivers.

    3. Update your AV definitions and do a full system scan. While you are at it do a spyware scan.

    4. Clean out your temporary files. I use CCleaner for this.

    5. Check your HDD for errors.

    6. Defragment your HDD. Note that I did not say SSD, as they do not need defragmenting.

    7. Update your routers firmware and restart it. I would recommend doing this on over a hardwired connection.I would also not do this if your neighborhood has periodic brownouts.

    I will see some of you on Wolfbane server come tomorrow. Good luck and good hunting.
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