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Thread: Updating the client via Trion Patch / STEAM

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    Default Updating the client via Trion Patch / STEAM

    I bought the game via STEAM... When I update via Steam, I get the error:

    You do not have the necessary permissions to patch. Please restart the patcher with administrator priviledges (error #6001).

    The client is running in Administrator mode.

    If I run the patcher from Trion, The long Rift Patcher update loader runs, then I get an error:

    Error opening file for writing:

    D:\Games\Rift Game\QtCore4.dll

    Click Abort to stop the installation,
    Retry to try again, or
    Ignore to skip this file.

    <Abort> <Retry> <Ignore>

    What can I do to fix either issue? Steam doesnt update, Trion doesnt update.
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    I went to my steamapps folder
    found the RIFT folder
    right clicked it and selected properties
    Then i unlicked the read only checkbox

    Then clicked the responses so it did it to all sub folders.

    No longer had a problem.

    Also went into that rift folder and set the compatability on the exe's to run as administrator, just in case.

    At work so cant remember the exact names of the files i setup when i updated early this morning.

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    I needed to do the read only checkbox as listed above (including all sub folders) then run rift-live.exe (which then updates riftpatchlive.exe and selfpatchlive.exe)

    there was also a problem when authenticating with the patcher, this is solved by changing your password on the trionworlds accounts page (where you can see your game and key e.t.c)

    FYI - for people with steam the location of the RIFT files are here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\rift
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