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Thread: PC spec. question... can I run the game alright?

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    Default PC spec. question... can I run the game alright?

    My laptop is about 2 years old and the hardware is as follows:

    Windows Vista 64-bit SP2
    Intel T9400 Duo 2.53 GHz
    4 Gig Memory (Corsair)
    NVIDIA GeForce 9650m GT (1GB)

    I think my processor and memory are fine, but what about my video card? Anyone able to provide insight? I didn't play beta, and I know very little about video cards.
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    You will be able to run it at low and medium settings with 30-40 fps in non taxing areas, and in the 15-20 in taxing areas. So yes, you will be able to play it, but I reccomend a new desktop. Hewlitt Packard is running some great deals right now on gaming desktops if you are not techa savy in the ways of building your own. $899 will get you a rig that will let you play on high settings with very good fps.

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