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Thread: Unable to install LIVE client.

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    Default Unable to install LIVE client.

    The setup has detected that no version of RIFT is installed. The specified command-line options require that the application be installed to continue.

    The setup will now terminate.

    I uninstalled Beta, rebooted, tried to install with the downloaded Rift_LIVE_Patcher_setup.exe obtained from http://update2.triongames.com/patche...cher_setup.exe

    My system is fully updated. No updates available.

    Windows 7 32 bit system. Beta was uninstalled and all files left behind deleted.

    Update: ****FIXED****

    In order to fix this issue, I had to delete registry entries that were left over and then reinstall. Fix is not for the uninitiated. I hope Trion can help those who need to delve into the registry to get the install to work...
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