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Thread: Cannot Uninstall Beta

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    Default Cannot Uninstall Beta

    Hello all,

    I, like you all, are awaiting the digital download of the game. In preparation for this i am looking to free up some hard drive space that the beta took up. In the forums it mentions to go into the control panel -->uninstall and uninstall Rift Beta. I have Windows 7 64-bit and there isnt a Rift Beta listed in my uninstall programs menu. It is Rift and then only has about 33.6mb of data an I know that there is about 7gb in the folder. How do i uninstall this so i dont have any issues with the full game when i download it?


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    i thik you are fine deleting the folder and the startmenu entry manually, at least on my PC it doesnt have any registry entries at all.

    depending on your connection you could also wait if you really need to download everything again, i am not sure they really reorganized the whole data struture of the artfiles.
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