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Thread: Overclocking i5 2500k, help me get a cooler

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirPent View Post
    Corsair H50.. if high end Air is your desire with near silence , Noctua makes some excellent coolers.
    If cheaper is your aim, Coolermaster and Artic Cooling are decent.
    This is what I use, with an extra fan for push-pull across radiator (hard to see in pic).

    Doesn't get hotter than 50c at speeds in my sig, I can't get higher due to cheap motherboard and not heat issues.

    These little powerhouses don't generate heat like they used to. Also don't change the base clock on these chips - only the multiplier (do as I say not as I do, etc. etc. the CPU-z banner is from before I learned about this, before I OC'd ram, GPU)

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    I have been using a Corsair cooler for over a year now with no issues. It was easy to install, cools well, and relatively silent.

    One thing you do need to check, though, is that you have enough airflow through you case for chipset cooling.

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