ok so hopefully a dev will see this. so i was reading the dev intros on the main page and there is a lead artist, that used to basically be a nvidia rep for development teams. my questions are for him. joker_B

if you have worked with nvidia for so long what are some tips for people with the 4xx series and better cards to get maximum quality and fps from rift? is this due to possibly a debugger running in the background of rift beta that is causing low fps? before people post about it being the game engine. i can get other gamebryo engine games to run perfectly fine.

right now i am getting 20-40 with spike in the 70's.. but usually steady at 22

what is the developments teams idea of good FPS for this game?
what is a person with your background coming from a equipment manufacturer idea of good FPS for a mmo?

would be great to get feed back from a dev thanks.