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Thread: Upgrade suggestions?

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    Default Upgrade suggestions?

    Okay so it's pretty simple. I want to know some others' suggestions for any upgrades to my laptop for RIFT. I would like to play smoothly on around medium settings. I'm willing to turn flora and character shadows off, but I would like to have decent graphics while playing. Here are my specs-
    -Windows Vista
    -64bit OS
    -4gb of ram
    -DirectX 11
    -AMD Athlon X2 Dual-core QL-60 1.90 GHz
    -ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
    - chip type-ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics (0x9612)
    -DAC type-Internal DAC(400MHz)
    -main driver: atidxx32,atidxx64.dll,atiumdag/atium
    -version- 7.15.0010.0163
    DDI version: 10
    Any help is appreciated
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    Simplest & easiest upgrade for your laptop would be to put in the cupboard, then go buy a computer. Basically your stuck with what youve got as you cant upgrade laptops besides the ram & HDD. Well technically you can but it's really not worth it the amount you'll spend on upgrading a dinosaur like yours.
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    please do this.. Hit your Windows Start key.. (the Window usually between CTRL and ALT)
    (type the following and hit enter)

    paste the results in your next post.

    Just looking real quick your CPU does not meet the minum requirements (2.0Ghz dual core) however a more powerful GPU such as a discreet HD4800/5800 can make up for that a bit.

    edit IF it is something like this Acer Aspire
    then the game MAY be able to "play" at the lowest settings however I use the term "play" loosely.. I have an HD4290 (basically an HD3200 clocked 50% faster with dedicated 128MB DDR3) and it only gets about 8 FPS on a 2.8 @ 3.4Ghz quad core in the latest Beta.
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    I wouldn't call it a dinosaur by a long shot, but the GPU upgrades, even on models that support them, are obscenely expensive for laptops and aren't ever really worth doing over buying a whole new notebook. If you look around you can get deals for $600-700 on laptops with the Radeon Mobility HD5730 or HD6570m with good cpu's and 4GB of DDR3. My laptop with those specs (and an i3 330m cpu) is able to run Rift at 1366x768 at ~40fps on settings right around Medium (including shadows and ground clutter enabled). We need to know the specific moel of the GPU to tell you whether you even need an upgrade, though... grab GPU-Z from techpowerup.com and tell us, or as an above poster mentioned run dxdiag and give us the main info.
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