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Thread: The "can't see over 25fps" myth

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    Default The "can't see over 25fps" myth


    Long story short:

    * You can accurately perceive an image which is only shown for 1/220 of a second
    * The time it takes from an image occurring to you having "seen" it is closer to 1/25 of a second
    * But that doesn't mean that you can't have more than one "frame" in process at a time; 1/25 of a second is latency, not bandwidth
    * People can consistently distinguish 30fps from 60fps video sources

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    People forget the most important part.

    You perceive motion because something moving past you at speed is blurred, motion blur and all that. Most games do not have motion blur, or a realistic one (Crysis being the exception here and why it running @ 30FPS still felt "smooth").

    You can't compare motion in video games to motion in real life or movies two completely different things.

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