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Thread: GPU, monitors and RIFT

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    Default GPU, monitors and RIFT

    I am upgrading monitors and would like to run two (one for gaming, one to have available for other whilst gaming). Full specs are below but running a 5870, Oced 9450 at 3.4 and a VS 24.5 (which I think is a real power eater). Any recs on dual monitors (say low to mid 20s), particularly in the context of RIFT? Price isn't an issue per se, but I am always value:dollar conscious.


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    If money isn't so much an issue go triple monitor. You'll need a DisplayPort to DVI converter for one though. See my sig for links.
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    My big advice: IPS displays are MUCH nicer than TFT. If you can afford them, it is absolutely worth it. The difference in color reproduction is simply amazing.

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