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Thread: $2000 to blow on new rig

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    Default $2000 to blow on new rig

    I need two things 1. Possible parts for new $2000 rig, 2. People with high end rig who tested against this game in beta and their performance, CPU load etc

    Already have KVM, Case but need rest.

    *Below $2000 in total
    *Must be quiet so it doesn't sound like plane taking off while playing
    *Preferably parts from Newegg but other reliable third party vendor works as well
    *Only used for playing rift

    I'm an IT guy (Server/Network) but not desktop enthusiast so no need to skim out on techie detail, Thanks.

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    My rank 3 system joo can sees it. Reduce/remove 2 monitors to temporarily remove Eyefinity to get it below your 2k mark. Add them back on later for uberness.
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    Played beta 5 with a AMD 6970 and an nVidia 560Ti OC with the rig in my signature. 1920x1200 ultra settings and 2xAA. Got 30-45 in open areas, crowded rifts/invasions/warfronts low 20ís-high teens with the 6970, the 560Ti OC performed about 80% compared to the 6970.

    Beta 6 I had switched to a GTX 570 OC with a non reference cooler. I was getting 35-60 open areas bouncing between low 20ís - low 30ís in pvp/warfronts/rifts etc 1920x120 ultra AA (AA settings changed in settings menu for beta 6)

    I donít know if ATI cards got a boost for beta 6 or not, seemed to be a mix bag from what I noticed posted but didnít really pay much attention since I had switched to the 570. Game experience for me was was better with the 570, but they were different beta phases...

    I will say my 6970 with a reference cooler ran at 81-83c constantly, my gigabyte windforce 570 runs 61-69c in game. My case is very cool too, highly recommend it, or itís cousin RV02 with the same insides.

    The GPU is worked like crazy in this game 95-99%, cpu load is low...I think around the low 20% range.
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    I would strongly suggest taking a look at this chart: http://tinyurl.com/falconguide

    I link everybody to this chart, it is very accurate and updated very often.

    Also, chances are you will be surprised by how much of that $2,000 you won't need to spend. The excellent and outstanding systems should be able to pump out everything this game is capable of, even in its current unoptimised state.
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