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Thread: Bought Right out of Steam. Yes/no tf2 items?

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    Default Bought Right out of Steam. Yes/no tf2 items?

    first let me say that I am very excited to play this game, however, I do love TF2 as well.
    I pre-ordered Rift from the main website.
    I forgot to do it through Steam.

    Is there any way I can still get the promotional TF2 items?

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    You could trade for it in TF2. They seem to be going for Earbuds+sweets right now.

    Or you could cancel your preorder with trion and pre-order via steam.

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    If you pre-order through anything other than steam, you will not get the pre-order versions of the items. However, once the game launches, the items will be craftable in TF2. they will have a differently colored and prefixed name, but visually and functionally be the same. If I had to guess, they will be a pain to craft though.

    to the above poster, they are not tradeable anymore, until after the pre-order period ends.
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