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Thread: Is there Euro/Pounds choice in Trion shop?

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    Question Is there Euro/Pounds choice in Trion shop?

    I understand this is no purely technic problem but there is no section for payment related problems/questions and I seems to get no response in overflooded with spam general forums.

    I was trying for the option to choose payment in pounds so maybe I am so blind or does it really choices currency based on your IP and doesn't allow you to pay in GB pounds unless you have GB IP? Why I am asking this is simple - I live in europe but in country that doesn't use euro yet and pounds exchange rate is much better for me. [also I would like to pay monthly fee in pounds as well]

    On similar note I though about alternative - buying game from d2d that allows me to choose currency but on contray 20% of price off code that should work for Rift keeps giving me error message that I can't use the code for buing this kind of game. I hear people buying Rift from d2d for the better price so I guess it have to work someone, does someone who knows mind to help me out?

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    I would open a customer support ticket, they'll be able to help you out better than us and you're guaranteed an answer lol.

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    Paypal + Steam, is my recommendation.

    I did a bunch of things and a bunch of stuff; now I'm just a casual player.

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