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Thread: Directx 11 worth the upgrade?

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    Default Directx 11 worth the upgrade?

    Currently im running one gtx 295 thinking about upgrading to a 580 if i can a decent amount for the 295. Wanted to catch some of your guys opinions on this upgrade. Currently running a i7 960 on an evga classified motherboard 12gigs of ram with a 1200w psu and windows 7

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    Oef you got a nice system running already, got nearly simular specs and thinking of upgrading the GC as well.
    Although it is pumping out a healthy 40+ fps in the most demanding situations with everything maxed to bits would love to get the fps above 60. Guess a evga 580 would be a proper upgrade now, get it all clocked to max speeds with good cooling and ye...it will run smooth as f..

    This all said...is it worth it ? It will help to pump out that little extra and run smoother but not really needed...so ye if you got the cash...why not !

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    Or you could get the GTX 570, which has 90% of the power at 60% of the cost. Or the AMD 6970 and go triple monitor on the single GPU.

    Re: DX11 - You'll only get that if you have an OS that supports it (Vista/Win 7) and the game supports it. Rift does not, and currently has no plans, to support DX11. It's DX9c.
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