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Thread: possible minor bug in the last beta...

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    Default possible minor bug in the last beta...

    Not sure if this is the correct forum for this but I found a small annoying bug in the last beta.

    It has to do with assigning hot keys to a sidebar button and the mount.

    I added two sidebars and placed my mount in one of the slots then assigned the hotkey ctrl-m to that slot. However, when I pressed ctrl-m a screen popped up that just had a 3d model of my character that I could rotate around. The mount did not open?!?

    I confirmedit was a side bar issue by moving the mount to every slot in all four possible sidebars and assigning various hot keys and got the same behavior. If I moved the mount to any of the 6 standard action bars the mount would launch either my clicking it directly or pressing a hotkey (1 to =).

    I could place the mount in any of the sidebars and cast it by manually clicking but I could not get it to cast by an assigned hotkey. I could see the hotkey was firing as I could see the button press and release and also by placing a spell other then the mount in the button.

    I hope you can fix this as it's annoying.
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