Last I tried the only logging I could get was the combat chat window.

Is Rift going to support logging the other chat windows?

I would prefer the ability to log each window to its own file and get a new file each session.

Named: <shard name>-<char name>-<chat box name>-<session start datetimestamp>

If someone could comment on this I would really appreciate it.

Our officers use logs for tracking raid attendance, and it saves a ton of time if they can execute a macro for /log <chat box name>; /who <guild name>; /log; to snag everyone in the guild who is in the zone.

They then paste the logs into our points tracking system and can have points done and updated in a few minutes rather than having to spend an hour a night writing down everyone who is on at every check point/boss then hand entering it all into the points tracking system.

If a dev could just drop a line saying yes we are going to expand logging capabilities or not would be nice. Knowing how it was going to work would be even nicer =)