Hello everyone.
New-ish player, I have been on rift for about 6 months (it was my lockdown game!) and having a great time. Well done and thank you!

However I have a growing concern about the servers, and would love some dev feedback on that. (Apologies if it is discussed somewhere else, I couldn't find it.)
The servers were always a bit slow, and slightly unstable, compared to other MMOs, but it was perfectly playable for me. No big issue.

But in the past few weeks things have been rapidly degrading, with some shards sometimes literally unplayable, and huge server lag most days on at least one shard, sometimes several, with portals/group formation/instances/etc...
What makes it even more annoying is that, while I can choose which shard I play on, I cannot where the game sends me when I enter an instance. Meaning even if only one shard is disfunctionning, I can get completely stuck.

Before you ask: no, it is not my computer or my connection, I run much more demanding games flawlessly.
I hope I am wrong, but it feels like it might be a hardware problem.

Could some devs please let us know:
- If the issue is known and worked on?
- If yes, what they think the problem is.
- What is being done to fix it? Like, if it comes indeed from hardware, are you planning an upgrade soon?

Many thanks in advance for your answers,
And thanks again for one of the best MMOs out there!

Sort-of-Noob Warrior