Since I unsuccesfully tried contacting support about this, I will try my luck here.

I have an e-mail address connected to my Glyph account which I want to deactivate. I switched literally everything to my new one, except for Glyph.

I am aware of the option "change e-mail address" in the account settings, but I simply CANNOT remember my answers to the secret questions there. It is obvious for me what they should be, but apparently back then I thought of something else.

The fact that I don't seem to know what I entered there a few years ago bugs me even more than the fact that I can't switch to my new e-mail adress, but regardless I wanted to know if it is in any way possible (i.e. by sending a copy of my drivers license or some other ID to verify my identity) to change the e-mail address without having to answer those two questions.

Thanks in advance.