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Thread: Mobs slow to load

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    Unhappy Mobs slow to load

    The mobs in my game are generally slow to load. Instead I frequently get the shimmery green placeholders for several seconds. I have a good SSD and a good Internet connection, so I'm not sure why there's so much delay. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I'm running an AMD card with the latest drivers on Windows 10. Thanks!
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    Make sure, you are running 64bit.

    In the Glyph general settings- Rift tab; is a checkbox for 32/64 bit. the 32bit usualy loads longer on new zones/ instances.

    Other option is that you just recently installed the game, which becomes playable after dl-ing the basic 50 zones and then continuing the download in the background while playing. During this process, placeholders seem reasonable. ^^
    When you have a little green/yellow/red glowing cirlce in the ui, it indicates background dls.
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