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Thread: rift resets my video settings without my permission ...

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    Default rift resets my video settings without my permission ...

    so i logged in today for some reason i got the video scene with bird flying overhead and had to agree to there license terms (or whatever it is) as well as all add-on setting was deleted and video settings was kicked back down to low ...

    why is rift deleting my settings and forcing me to go to low settings? it wasn't anything i did, its them and they do this like every 1 to 3 or so weeks ... this is getting annoying and im tired of having to redo all setting back to where they were every time they decide they want to force there settings on everyone else ... how i choose to have my game setup is my problem not theirs ...

    is there any files on my PC that i could try backing up that would help minimize this or is this stuff on there server? (using Glyph)
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    Either make your rift.cfg file read only or you have a virus altering the file each time.

    Source: I had a virus that would restore rift to default on every log in.
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