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    Default My Charactor is not loading


    So I played RIFT for awhile, and one time I successfully transferred the game to a new computer earlier, no problem. But I bought another one recently, and I can't seems to get the game to work. I tried Reinstalling the whole thing twice, 2nd time via Steam. The game loads, then it loads the screen my character should appear on that pedestal thing. But my character or any other GUI element is not shown on screen. My hard earned lvl 50+ is gone with the wind it seems.

    Anyone know a solution, please?!?!

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    Hello Dhurga

    did you make sure that you are connecting to the right server?
    In the Glpyhlauncher you can choose between North America and the Europe Server.

    Since you already uninstalled the game and installed again you might want to contact our support: https://support.gamigo.com/hc/en-us/...-Trion-Support

    Your characters have to be somewhere right?

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