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Thread: Mail option 'Take All' broken

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    Default Mail option 'Take All' broken

    I can use the take all option if I mail to my alts.
    I can use take all option if I have mail from my alt/another player & AH purchases.
    I can not use the take all option if the mail has only AH purchases/expires.

    This was broken somewhere in the past two or three days. This is a big pita, especially if you are buying a lot from ah (dim items) or have a lot of expired AH postings. You have to claim then one by one..

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    Have been away for a bit...I see the mail "Take All" is Still broken. any ETA on when this will be fixed?

    EDIT: It wasn't working when I 1st logged in, but after closing the game and logging back in, "Take All" Option is now working.
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