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Thread: Glyph error 1016

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    Default Glyph error 1016

    Since yesterday I try to log into rift game and glyph keeps give me error #1016 I uninstalled and reistalled glyph as in support faq advice but still nothing. I made yesterday a ticket " request (1208864)" and I hope they find me a solution. I have made 2 Rift installation one as stand alone and the other via steam and both give me same problem the steam one I also reinstalled everything game and glyph they are ofc in 2 different drives...

    First time I have this kind of problem never before, since I started playing rift from 2011 till now. From what I read in forums many have issues with glyph application I really miss the old rift launcher

    Glyph error 1016-still-error-1016.jpg
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    I have the same error now (#1016) and can't log into game.

    EDIT: Nevermind, now it disappeared.
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