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Thread: Unable to select that character. Please contact customer support.

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    Default Unable to select that character. Please contact customer support.

    I've been locked out of one of my main characters for almost three months now. This is on RIFT Live.

    I keep getting the error message, "Unable to select that character. Please contact customer support." I've contacted them MANY, MANY times, and gotten the same generic form letter each time. It includes a link to the technical help page. There's nothing there about unlocking a character, and in the past, when it happened, a game master had to manually unlock the character for me.

    Anyone else having this issue? Are game masters still around, or is my character basically lost forever? I understand that RIFT is owned by a new company, and it's been chaotic and stressful... but three months? To unlock a character?

    Anyway, any and all advice for how to unlock would be appreciated. FWIW, I've repaired and uninstalled / re-installed, and that didn't do anything.

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    There is unfortunately no way to fix this without intervention by customer support, which is currently dealing with backlogged tickets by dumping them in a furnace and asking people to resubmit them. Very few people have had satisfactory ticket resolutions since October.

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